About Us
Haoyun Architect was established on 1st July 1999 as a Sole Proprietor Architectural Firm to undertake architectural design consultancy. Today, Haoyun Architect has evolved into an Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy firm capable of offering professional services throughout the whole project development process from the identification of potential land for development through design and construction to the undertaking of property management and maintenance.

In a market driven economic environment where Quality of Products and Services are getting harder to come by, we are providing a "Value Proposition" based on the following:
  • Planning Efficiency
  • Design Excellence
  • Construction Economics
  • Management Excellence
  • On-time Delivery

We believe that through the above Value Proposition and working hand in hand with genuine Developers, Contractors & Suppliers, we will be able to create and maintain a process that will be a win-win situation for all parties concerned. It is our beliefs that an antagonistic approach to development & construction is counter productive for all parties. Profits are squandered by delay in completion of works, rectifications of defects, arbitrations, litigations, and so on.

Through an integrated design process, we will be able to maximize the usage of a piece of land, produce excellent architectural and engineering design, efficient and economical construction solutions, and through excellence in project management, we will deliver the project on time.

We believe that the current attitude of compartmentalization of scope of works and responsibilities belonged in the last millennium. An approach based on mutual respect and the spirit of cooperation should be the norm instead. By working together, we, consultants, developers, designers & contractors, can increase our collective efficiencies by sharing our unique experiences and expertises.